The Client Group

The Cornwall Construction Client Group aims to bring together Clients who plan, commission and manage the construction projects and programmes, to ensure short, medium and long-term plans can be resourced and strategic risks managed, so the sector is ready and able to deliver

The Construction Summit (Spring 2018) and Housing and Construction Conference (Autumn 2018) both set the overarching requirements of the construction industry to have clear visibility of a pipeline of work from major Clients to inform their future resourcing, business growth and investment plans.


Role and purpose of the proposed Building Cornwall Construction Client Group:
  • Formulation of a reliable pipeline of development in order to assess key periods of pressure and opportunity on the Contractor, Consultant and Supply Chain resource for Cornwall.
  • Review resource requirements, programme pinch-points, enable Client assessment of optimum timing and procurement strategies.
  • Link the work programmes to skills and training activity to enable future skills gaps to be directly targeted.
  • Assess procurement opportunities to support delivery and manage risk in line with Client ambitions through accessing latest market intelligence and expert advice.
  • Feed into CITB and other national research for more accurate baseline information to inform policy and funding opportunities for Cornwall’s construction sector.
  • To demonstrate by this how a regional approach to procurement can help improve the links between skills employability, and quality of supply chain activity and maximising the use of local pound.
  • As a group of significant clients, better understand how productivity can be improved across the sector in the region.
  • Assess opportunities for collaboration as major Clients, including the opportunity for a coordinated approach levy funds for shared training programmes and other such initiatives.

The output from the Client Group would be used to communicate outwards to the regional supply-chain, including through the existing links into the Constructing Excellence Cornwall Hub, organised events and wider communication routes. It will enable the opportunity for two-way dialogue and feedback from Professionals, Contractors and Supply-Chain.